"I came to Carolina Spine and Disc Center with a herniated disc and excruciating pain. They are very accommodating and got treatment for me quickly. They made an accurate assessment of my pain. The dry needling, spinal decompression, and physical therapy helped me immensely! Dr. Smith and his staff are very professional and friendly! They were always on time with checking me in to appointments and the office was very clean. The staff greatly exceeded all expectations. Most of all, they are empathetic and I would highly recommend them to anyone for any kind of pain treatment!"

"Enjoyed my experience working with Tyler to rehab from a running injury. He provided me with a customized strength and flexibility plan that I could use at home. The plan included a digital format that I could follow along and provided step-by-step instructional videos which were very helpful. I was back running without pain in a matter of weeks."

"I had a great experience with my sessions at Carolina Spine and Disk Center. The PT’S were very attentive to help ease my hip and back pain! My pain decreased significantly from start to finish. I highly recommend them to anyone who suffers from pain!"

"I’m so glad I went to Carolina Spine and disc center to heal from a slipped disc in my cervical spine. The entire team put together a great plan for me to recover, heal, and get back to my normal life after this painful injury. I’m so grateful to have experienced such knowledgeable and competent care during such a difficult time."